Our Board of Directors

HoCo Cyclists is overseen by a board of directors. who set the annual club calendar, manage the club’s finances, provide social media and other communications support, contribute legal expertise, and generally keep the club’s wheels turning.

Bonnie Cornell
Columbia, Md.

Vice President
Carl Graziano
Mount Airy, Md.

June Sherer
West Friendship, Md.

Director, Legal
Chris Tsien
Columbia, Md.

Director, At Large
Matt Wagner
Glenwood, Md.

About Howard County, Maryland

Howard County, in central Maryland and sandwiched between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., offers cyclists a perfect balance of rolling country roads, trails, and suburban streets. The western half of the county, roughly divided from the east by Maryland Route 32, serves as the club’s home base and setting for its popular, in-season midweek rides. Columbia, the county’s largest municipality and at the county’s east end, is the site of the club’s winter rides on its extensive network of paved trails. The midweek rides in western Howard County tend to experience less vehicular traffic due to the area’s more rural nature. Also, drivers there tend to be more accommodating to cyclists, given the generally high level of road cycling activity in the area.

On its website, Howard County’s government offers detailed information on the history, demographics, geography, and other characteristics of the county. Learn more, and join us for a ride!

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